Thursday, December 26, 2013

WTMJ Talker Extends Time-Warpy War On Christmas To Boxing Day

Well, that was Jeff Wagner on the radio this afternoon - - December 26th, a/k/a/ Boxing Day - - in full uproar over a War on Christmas skirmish reported somewhere not in our listening area on December 12th.

And Wagner also pitched TV-4's Christmas food drive - - oops, Holiday food drive, excuse me - - a worth cause but held on the 17th.

Then I heard the disclaimer: We were being fed some of what the station calls the Best of Wagner - - a taped replay and rather context-free, I might add - - as station management goes into cheapskate mode over the holidays when the on-air bigwigs are not around.

Just another way talk radio misinforms.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Best of Wagner

that had to be a pretty short show.

enoughalready said...

I am a bit lacking in sympathy for you on this one, James. There is, after all, excellent public radio available in this state in the afternoon. Really -- for your own sake -- please be willing, on occasion, to give WTMJ a rest!

Anonymous said...

When Paul Bucher and Van Hollen debated on Sykes' show, one said of the other, "You suck." Sykes later acknowedged it was not one of his show's better segments. Sure enough, that weekend the debate was replayed on "The Best of Sykes."