Monday, December 16, 2013

WI DNR Sends Out Big Picture Clean Air Information

Wisconsin's DNR cuts through the climate change fog and delivers a profound message with compelling information and data to a clean air subscribers' email network for the week of December 15:

Clean Air Tip of the Week

"Baking cookies for the holidays? Opening the oven door while baking wastes energy - it can reduce the temperature in the oven by 25-50 degrees! The oven then uses more energy to bring the heat back up to the set baking temperature. Using the oven light to check in is a better option."


Bill Sell said...

America's Test Kitchen, right here in Wisconsin.

Betsy said...

Well, now we know. And speaking of holidays, a big thank you to you, James Rowen, for this great blog. I am grateful for you and the work you do for all of us in the (formerly great) State of Wisconsin. All I want for 2014 is a shift in Wisconsin politics! So, thank you and Happy Holidays!

James Rowen said...

Thank you, Betsy, for being a regular reader and participant.