Thursday, December 26, 2013

Over-Quota WI Wolf Kills? Hey, Hunters Paid Good Money For Those Licenses

So what's an extra six dead wolves to blood sport-luvin' Wisconsin, anyway? You're gonna harvest 251, so what's another, what 2-3%?

Relax. What are they gonna do? Call their legislators?

Quota, shmota. 251...257: who's counting here? They're just wolves.

And so the DNR underestimated the final tally. Didn't you ever make a mistake? We're talking DNR here, not IRS. And it's not like anyone died.

Remember, the hunters were just out there enjoying themselves, they'd paid $49 each to shoot them a wolf, hoist it in the air and get someone to post their First and Second Amendment handiwork on Facebook.

And if the hunters and the poachers and the motorists didn't kill all the breeding pairs this season, there will be more wolves to trail, bait, trap, hound and shoot next year!

On, Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't Wisconsin become one of the greatest places to live over the last 3 years!!!!! No jobs, economy in the toilet, environment left unprotected, incomes dwindling year by year and lets kill anything that moves. We thought our congress was bad.... Wisconsin's legislature gets things done but not anything that benefits most Wisconsinites.

Tentsmuir said...

It was obviously a "Hunter" who coined the word sport to describe shooting and trapping defenceless animals. Perhaps we ought to strip these Hunters naked and turn them loose in an area festooned with traps and over-run with people ready and willing to shoot them on sight! Sorted!