Saturday, December 28, 2013

In The Dead Of Winter, A Colder Political Climate

It's shocking that Democrats in Congress went along with Republicans in the much-touted budget deal and agreed to end extended unemployment payments to Americans out of work long-term in a sluggish 'recovery' through no fault of their own.

Nearly 24,000 Wisconsinites will be among those nationally losing their small checks today (and three times that number throughout 2014) through an action by a cold Congress adding nothing to the economy but damaging deprivation and deeper despair. Stories of brutal consequences will surface. The budget deal was bi-partisan. So is its shame.


Gareth said...

You have to love the national Democratic Party's 'Third Way' move to the middle. It's a real killer. Bipartisan is now just another word for a gang beat-down.

Sue said...

They all backtracked pretty quickly when it came out that military retirees were going to take a hit.
But the long-term unemployed? So easy to portray them as undeserving. But that means that voters have to decide to accept that portrayal and keep electing the people who drive the narrative.