Monday, December 9, 2013

Smaller Cities Than Milwaukee Free Of Right Wing Rail Phobia

Like Kansas City, with a population of 464,000 that is much smaller than Milwaukee's 600,000.

Probably also with fewer right-wing talk show hosts and anti-urban power-brokers than are in, or near Milwaukee, too.

Details, here.

Also up-to-date on the light rail track: Norfolk, with a population under 300,000.


Anonymous said...

It'd be wiser to look at metropolitan area size, of which both KC and Hampton Roads are comparable to Milwaukee.

Skip said...

Right-wing radio and anti-urban folks aside, perhaps rail advocates in Milwaukee can learn from Utah:

I live in Madison and we have more and more 10-14 story apartment/condo towers going up around downtown. Traffic on the isthmus is going to be getting worse. While I feel that Dane county's Transport 2020 light rail plan is flawed, it is worth revisiting.