Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Under Walker, Wisconsin Job Picture Keeps Worsening

Under Walker, Wisconsin is earning an "F" in economics.

Despite his having a compliant Legislature, chairing a new jobs agency (WEDC) and enjoying editorial support from mainstream media, Wisconsin is creating jobs at about half the national rate, has fallen to 37th among the states in job growth, led the nation in recent unemployment claims and has no chance of hitting Walker's pivotal campaign pledge of 250,000 new private-sector jobs after one term.

Here is a summary of official Federal jobs data released today.

It's kind of a Chicago Cubs' performance.

In 2010, the Cubbies went 75-87, or .463.

And for 2013 - - 66-96, or .407.

So how can Walker take that to a national audience?


enoughalready said...

I believe he told us on Meet the Press. We know what we can expect from Republican governors: "candor and proven results."

enoughalready said...

WPR reporter Shawn Johnson adds this: "The disparity was even greater compared to some of Wisconsin's Midwest neighbors as private-sector jobs grew by by 2.8 percent in Michigan and 2.1 percent in Minnesota."