Monday, December 9, 2013

Asbestos Again Found At N. WI Mine Area

Yet GTAC still wants to dynamite and dig the country's largest open pit mine there - - upriver from the Bad River reservation and its wild-rice waterways - - with the DNR Secretary having lobbied for the mine before her agency had even begun its 'reviews.'


Gareth said...

Republicans went after the geologist at the UW Extension in record time and forced him out, how long will it take them to go after WPR?

Anonymous said...

And now the criminals on the county board are trying to evict the Harvest, Education camp. Let’s get some local people on board to run against the incumbents in Iron county. Why is this not happening now? I know there are good people in Iron county who oppose this monstrosity but why isn’t anyone coming forward and throwing their hat into the political ring? Time to show the courage of convictions and take a stand.