Monday, December 23, 2013

DNR Raises Multiple, Basic Questions About Initial Mining Permit

The Wisconsin DNR has raised questions about 29 fundamental land use, road-building, erosion control, restoration and related water issues after reading the storm water permit application submitted by GTac mining for only its proposed removal of tons of sample iron ore rock to test.

Here is the DNR's mining page - - and you can read the entire list of agency's concerns in pdf format, here.

Prepare to be shocked at the information the DNR finds missing or insufficient.

A sample - - Item 18.

Your plan reads as if the construction activities and therefore the implementation of erosion controls and ultimately restoration will occur when the ground is not frozen. If work is to be conducted in the winter, a different suite of best management practices will likely need to be implemented. 
These alternatives need to be discussed at length. 
Also a related permit for one road.

Keep in mind the final mining permits needed by the company to dig the much more complex and massive open pit mine of 4.5 miles long, 1000-ft. deep, half-mile wide site - - after first removing The Penokee mountain range - - will be far more detailed - - yet final permit review procedures were put into a fast-tracked framework with ridiculously short and arbitrary deadlines by a mining 'reform' law written with GTac's input.


Anonymous said...

It''s almost like they expected a rubber stamp. Or is Stepp on vacation?

Anonymous said...

It is a mystery as to why GTac is wasting everyone's time with all of these incomplete submittals. It's almost as if they aren't a real mining company.

Anonymous said...

They are going to sell the mining interests anyhow -- to China -- and then the Native American's will be told their treaties are null-and-void, as they were not negotiated with China.

This is why they passed the law earlier in the year to allow foreign entities to purchase land -- mark my words -- you are all missing the point.

GTac has no intentions of operating the mine -- but they need to stall until walker is fraudulently hoisted back into the governor's office (via another stolen election if need be) and the 2016 presidential race, at least in-terms of walker being on the ticket, is over.

But don't expect the truth from journal communications -- nor anyone else that is involved with them -- especially those that refuse to disclose their ties.

Anonymous said...

If the TPP trade agreement gets passed in anything resembling what has been proposed then what GTac can sell is the right to sue the State of Wisconsin for not having lax permitting like China.