Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Walker Finds Jobs For Cronies, But Obstructs One Vet's Hiring

Shallow work towards his failed 250,000 new jobs' pledge by the nation's smallest Governor:

Scott Walker is effectively keeping a combat veteran from achieving the job for which he's qualified, but Walker handed out plum state jobs to legislative pals - - in fact, two high-paying jobs to former Democratic Senator Jeff Plale who'd voted with Republicans on his way out - - and a host of various insiders, sometimes bending the rules and defying common sense.

Walker's awarding of big-salaried state jobs - - the pattern began in the early hours of his administration when a 27-year-old lobbyist's son got an $81,000 job - -  - - to good soldiers like Cindy Archer, or disgraced WisDOT manager Steven Krieser, and, through civil service manipulations, State Capitol police chief David Erwin and his deputy;


Anonymous said...

And yet Kevin Kavanaugh, convicted Scott Walker associate and felon, will be released from prison after serving only half his sentence. So much for Walker's "Truth in Sentencing"! And to add insult to injury, it was Scott Walker's Department of Corrections that initiated the early release -- Kavanaugh didn't request it. Interestingly, the D.O.C. hasn't recommended early release for Timothy Russell, another Scott Walker aide and convicted felon - at least not yet.

From the Associated Press: "A jury last year convicted 63-year-old Kevin D. Kavanaugh of felony theft. He was sentenced to two years in prison, and he’s served just over half the time.

The state Department of Corrections said Friday that Kavanaugh completed certain requirements of an early-release program, which makes him eligible to convert the rest of his sentence to extended supervision."

The veterans group from whom Kavanaugh stole money must be outraged.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that a man who professes a deep christian faith apparently has no sense of the word "redemption". I would think a "christian" governor would OVER-use the pardon process, not shun it entirely. Of course criminals generally are not campaign donors.