Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wisconsin Is Open To Greater Obesity

I heard Wisconsin's DHS Secretary Kitty Rhoades on the radio today pushing the party line and pooh-poohing these back-sliding numbers.

Doesn't she know there is a dollar cost to Wisconsin's fall on the states' health scales along with human consequences, too? 

Wisconsin experienced the greatest decline of any state in the 2013 America's Health Rankings released Wednesday, taking steps backward in several categories, including a 7.2% increase in the proportion of adults who are obese.
Maybe the deep fried butter they serve at State Fair shouldn't be such a crazy fan favorite after all
Or maybe the Walker administration should put this image on our license plates? 
(Chicken wings frying in oil)
Rhoades has been defending Walker's rejection of federal health funds, with explanations that PolitiFact has rated "Mostly False." 

Just what the doctor did not order. 

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