Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Walker The Authoritarian Narcissist

I have noted before on this blog Scott Walker's illeism, narcissism and authoritarianism; it's a bad combination and this example takes the cake.

Count how many times Walker uses the word "I" or "me" in just a couple of sentences about a combat veteran who will not obtain from this Governor the simplest of considerations - - a pardon, not a commutation - - so the vet can become a police officer.

In fact, you can stuff that GOP compassionate conservatism altogether: Walker the authoritarian has not issued a single pardon in three years, because Mr. Morality doesn't inject himself into the justice system unless he's working with his own defense fund:

And see how Walker turns the issue into an extended political self-reflection. How does this become all about him?

Walker has said he doesn’t consider pardon requests because he doesn’t believe he should inject himself into the criminal justice system. 
 “I just look at (granting pardons) and say that’s not really why I ran for office. It’s not what I campaigned on. It’s not what I talked about,” the governor said in March. “To me, the only people who are seeking pardons are people who have been guilty of a crime and I have a hard time undermining the actions of a jury and of a court.”
Thanks to the MAL Contends...blog for bringing this to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Because people don't change in Walker's experience. He was a nasty college student who tried to throw and election and he is a nasty governor who will do anything to win a second term and move on to the White House.

enoughalready said...

Wow. That is a breathtaking statement of his philosophy concerning pardons! Simply unbelievable. And extremely radical. Is there any governor in the country who agrees with this view? All the more remarkable, I think, because he considers himself a devout Christian! I am reminded of some recent words of Pope Francis: when the spirit of the Lord is lacking, people rely on authority and legalism, as opposed to the freedom of the spirit.

Anonymous said...

What governor ever ran on giving pardons. My God - this man has no morals. He is lacking a moral compass. He has the soul of ice.

enoughalready said...

In Walker's own words, he went to school to get a job, not to get an education "for an education's sake."
Doesn't this show more and more all the time? Btw, I wonder how many Wisconsin voters wrongly thought Walker is Roman Catholic just because he went to Marquette U.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a hypocritical piece of crap he is. He didn't campaign about dismantling the unions, nor did he talk about doing that, yet that's what he did once elected. My guess is if this was pointed out to him, you'd be met by his usual blank stare and droopy I'm-a-clueless-dumb@$$ eyes.

enoughalready said...

And let's not forget the big error in Walker's "thinking:" to him, apparently, all people found guilty are in fact guilty and therefore undeserving of a pardon! Apparently, in Scott Walker's world -- as opposed to reality -- there are no innocent people who have been wrongly convicted. Therefore, there is never any need to issue a pardon. It is all so very simple.