Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Robin Vos, Scott Walker, Jobs And Rocket Science

Remember when Assembly GOP leader and unreliable prognosticator Robin Vos said jobs would "take off like a rocket" when Walker was re-elected?
Such as the falling rocket-propelled arrows stuck in Hatay
Remember when Walker predicted "a tremendous takeoff?"

Some trajectory, noted here:

"Despite his having a compliant Legislature, chairing a new jobs agency (WEDC) and enjoying editorial support from mainstream media, Wisconsin is creating jobs at about half the national rate, has fallen to 37th among the states in job growth, led the nation in recent unemployment claims and has no chance of hitting Walker's pivotal campaign pledge of 250,000 new private-sector jobs after one term."
And if it's rocket science day, I enjoyed Dan Bice's story today about jobs and the right-wingers who fund research helpful to Walker:
Among all the myriad reports on the Wisconsin economy, few present as rosy a picture as the "Rich States, Poor States" study by a supply-side proponent who shot to fame during the Reagan years.  
Arthur Laffer, the 73-year-old author of the famous "Laffer curve," concluded in his 128-page report that Wisconsin's economic outlook had jumped from 32nd in the country to 15th in the past year. In an interview this week, the conservative economist attributed the improvement to Gov. Scott Walker's legislation targeting unions.  
"Laffer said in the interview that he expects that to change. Walker's move to severely limit collective bargaining for most public workers, Laffer said, will almost certainly mean improved economic performance in the next four or five years...  
Among other things, he called on Walker to lower the state income tax rate for the wealthiest individuals and to slash the corporate tax rate in upcoming legislative sessions.  
"This is not rocket surgery," he said, mixing metaphors.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Predictably, Walker will blame his failure on Obama.

Anonymous said...

the laffer "study" was funded in part by the Searle Freedom Trust, funded by daniel searle, who was part of the milwaukee braves ownership group that moved them to atlanta. that makes for a great slogan - "walker and his friends- damaging wisconsin for 50 years."