Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Joel Kleefisch, Gaff [Sic] Meister

When State GOP Assemblyman and second state husband Joel Kleefisch isn't breaking expensive state deer hunting rules, salivating over marinated wolf meat with a side of Sandhill crane or photocopying other legislators' news releases - - one link gets you all those references - - he's free associating at a keyboard perhaps in the Oconomowoc home office and sending his prose to The Wheeler Report and the world.

To wit:

Whoever conceived the “Elf on the Shelf” probably never intended or realized how much the simple elf could relate to everyone. Government, businesses, families and even social groups have checks and balances similar to Elfie with the added eye in the sky of modern technology and an Instagram world. No snowfall goes unrecorded let alone a gaff after too much egg nog, a stumble in the snow, or gosh forbid a wardrobe malfunction.


Anonymous said...

He's the designated driver of the Republican clown car. When he loses his election bid he'll be appointed Walker's driver or assistant to the Capitol police that would be a battle of wits as to how to keep Walker's detractors from getting into the people's house or keeping them quiet. Firearms would be the obvious choice of these two wizards!

Jonathan Swift said...

Wouldn't graft meister be more acurate?

Anonymous said...

"...or casting votes in the Assembly for yourself and two neighbors..."