Monday, December 16, 2013

How Does Scott Walker Explain Grim #1 Rankings To The Nation

Let alone explain these worst ratings, on his watch, to us?

* Binge drinking.

* Biggest drop in health among states.

* Increase in recent unemployment claims.

* Fewest criminal charges for first-time drunk driving.

* Last in science education standards.

* Worst in racial achievement between white and black students.

* Only state to allow dogs in wolf-hunting.


enoughalready said...

James, don't forget Milwaukee leading the nation with its incarceration rate for black males.

Sue said...

Someone has to get close enough to ask him, then be willing to ask the questions, then be willing to challenge the answers.
Generally, you don't find all these requirements in one person.

Boxer said...

The binge drinking seems self-explanatory, once the other factors and overall mood of the state under Walker are taken into account.