Saturday, December 14, 2013

US Losing 90,000 Acres Of Key Wetlands Annually

This is the national picture:

Over a four-year span, the United States lost more than 360,000 acres of freshwater and saltwater wetlands to fierce storms, sea-level rise and booming development along the coasts, according to a newly released federal study.
And in Wisconsin?

It's not mother nature doing the damage. It's Big Government serving special interests.

Scott Walker had been in office only a few days before be began his assault on state wetlands.

That included the drafting of a wetlands deregulation bill with the active help of builders and developers, then its passage on a GOP-dominated party-line vote, and finally its signing by Walker before a crowd of Realtors.

While the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources gives frac sand mining and large dairy expansion a pass and will likely do the same as an out-of-state coal mining company wants to fast-track the excavation of the country's largest open-pit iron ore mine in the pristine Bad River watershed near Lake Michigan and wild-rice growing wetlands.

Meanwhile, the DNR has a web page on wetlands acreage facts that has not been updated since Aug. 16, 2012. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey James, needed to give you a Heads Up on THIS Cherry Pick! My Walk-Us-to-Hell-Walker Decided he can get Jobs! Make his Koch Buddies happy, room for mines and pipelines, No Need for pesky endangered animals or plants! Wetlands? Pfffft! (and let's not mention the RARE BLUE KARNER BUTTERFLY) which I have the encypted link saved! But here! Read on... Walker: Forest being underused for logging . ..Walker: Wisconsin forest being underused for logging .. ""Many of the mature stands provide rich habitat for a number of threatened wildlife species""" WHO NEEDS THEM WITH THIS WALKER OWNED STATE? , sigh :(