Tuesday, December 24, 2013

With Walker, How Many Tipping Points Do You Need?

If it wasn't his Act 10 "bomb," or the felony sentencing of political staff aides, or two John Doe probes or forced ultrasounds and direct attack on Planned Parenthood, or his unstoppable false speaking and writing...to the give-aways to private interests from iron ore to frac sand mining companies to anyone who wants to fill a wetland...then surely it is Walker's imperious signal that he would deny of a pardon to a combat veteran so he can pursue a Wisconsin police career.

Because Walker is not granting any pardons, period.

This story should go viral statewide and nationally because it says everything about a narcissistic and authoritarian Scott Walker who believes everything is about him.


enoughalready said...

Thanks to Victor Hugo, I think we all have to decide whether we will model ourselves after Jean Valjean or Inspector Javert. (Regretfully, I have to wonder if this question means anything at all to Scott Walker.)

Anonymous said...

On this eve of Christmas, the dawn of celebration in God's gift of eternal salvation for all mankind in the forgiveness of all sins through the death and resurrection of his one and only son, Jesus the Christ, let's give it a break just one day.

Peace on earth and good will toward all.


Very truly yours, Anon.

enoughalready said...

Yes, let us ponder the "forgiveness of all sins" -- in sharp contrast to Gov. Walker's decision not to issue a single pardon!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

No need to give the miscreants politicians like Walker a break. You serve their ends by posting this.

James Rowen said...

It can spur other comments.

Anonymous said...

I've actually met Eric, the veteran in question, and talked with him on several occasions. He's a super nice guy. He served our country honorably, too.

Don't conservatives like Walker believe in second chances? Don't they believe in redemption? And if anyone is deserving of a second chance for a conservative, it's a veteran with a good heart who served this country honorably. Don't conservatives like Walker want to give a vet a second chance?

It's almost as if the Tea Party brand of conservatives like Scott Walker want to define "conservative" in a new way: they want to equate it with a**hole.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Anon, 3am- the only people that cons believe get second chances are insider members of the club (Vitter, Sanford, Gingrich, Sykes with marriage, etc.) if you're not in the club, you're on your own pal!

This is the real story, that Walker has no core beliefs other than "Does this give me more money or power?" And so-called Christians better recognize it before they start talking about Walker as a "Godly man".

Anonymous said...

If Walker is found guilty in the John Doe 2, there better not be ANY pardons to get him out of jail...and NO political positions in the future. Walker will get what he gives others...may 2014 bring Walker what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

7:30 PM on 24th anonymous again.

I didn't intend to criticize the blog operator for posting the comment referenced (5:32pm). The criticism was to those who think the opposition takes a break from their schemes. They don't, and they aren't really into that religion thing beyond using it to justify their actions and posture for the voters and kids.

Anonymous said...

"that religion thing"

Not even one day could commentators stop the hate.

Satan is soooo powerful.

enoughalready said...

Satan? First, please see the above entry from James R. about the money interests behind climate denial. Pope Francis is definitely on point with his criticisms of those who worship money and the market at the expense of other public goods. Or do you think the pope is an instrument of Satan, too?

Second, is Satan behind all of the well-documented falsehoods from Scott Walker? There is quite a pattern there. And does Scott Walker 'hate' Democrats? I have heard him say Democrats want to keep people dependent on welfare! (Recently, he toned it down to say Democrats act like they want to keep people dependent on the government.) That sounds hateful to me, because I do not believe he is at all accurate about Democrats' motives. Does Scott Walker 'hate' Milwaukee? He sure seems to be doing it a lot of harm.

Third, Criticism is not hate. Some of it is meant as correction. Some of it is just truth-telling. I think 'hate' and 'Satan' are words that are way too easy to throw around. Let's let God judge.

In fact, you may be surprised to hear, I pray for Scott Walker, and for Wisconsin. He appears to me to be in way over his head, and so many are really hurting right now. Presidential ambitions are absolutely ridiculous for him to consider, certainly at this point, as far as I am concerned.

Finally, let's not lose track of the real issue: Scott Walker's very radical decision not to issue any pardons. The Military Times apparently thought that was something that merited attention. And they chose to publish their piece on Christmas Eve! Did Satan drive their decision? Did 'hate' motivate them? Or was it perhaps none other than the Holy Spirit?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Satan is soooo powerful.

Hah. So is Santa.

Anonymous said...

My children were taught that parents who practiced the Santa thing were lying to their children. They respect me as adults for not being a deceiver and teaching them that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ child.

I agree with you, Zombie.

Anonymous said...

First, Al Gore comes to mind on money interests related to climate change. And, many consider the papacy an instrument of satan.

Second, as long as you, me, Scott Walker or any other other human lives on the face of this earth, Satan is right there with you. Only one God/man has not sinned on this earth.

Third, read some of the comments about Governor Walker by Jake formerly of the UP. He certainly doesn't love Scott Walker. In fact he makes it quite clear that he hates Scott Walker with all the childish name calling and juvenile playground comments.

About pardons - if a person is convicted by a jury of his peers there is right to appeal. Pardons are inappropriate political tools as you have eloquently utilized in your post.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

at least Jake doesn't hide behind anonymity, anonymous.

And other anon, you don't agree with me, because I taught my children NEITHER of those myths.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

To Anon 7:54pm- Name one thing I have said about Gov. Walker that isn't an accurate description. Just because it hurts your pwecious wittle fee-wings doesn't make what I say to be wrong. This guy and his enablers (like you) have messed up my state, and if exposing that reality is hurtful, too bad.

And as ZRM brings up, I'm adult enough to put my name on it. It's telling that the average Walker support rarely does the same, especially if they're not paid to support the bum.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your paycheck says, "Pay to the order of Jake Formerly of the LP".
And I'm certain you must flip that light piece of paper over and sign it at the top, Jake Formerly of the LP. I'm sure that's your real name. Has to be.

Thanks for enforcing your style as pointed out;" In fact he makes it quite clear that he hates Scott Walker with all the childish name calling and juvenile playground comments."

Finding a private sector job might be a real challenge with your toxic vulgar style. Better you keep a nym. Just being honest and sincere here.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Couldn't find anything inaccurate in what I said. Not a surprise. Just like Walker, you don't have the guts to answer an unprompted question, and instead you go to talking points and deflection. Wuss.