Thursday, December 12, 2013

Walker Wants New Road Tax, Er, Fee, Er, Er, Toll...

The road-builders, and not transit systems, shall be served in Wisconsin - - Walker promises - - but how to spin it? 

And as with his 'solution' to Medicaid - - throwing people off the roles, rather than taking Obamacare funding - - how to find the political advantage he wants for his next campaign, which is priority #1, always:

Walker said he hoped to find a breakthrough solution that could lead the nation — something that has eluded his administration over the past three years. He hinted that he might pair that proposal with an overhaul and cuts of income and sales taxes.
And how to deflect attention from the state's rising jobless claims, failed job-creation, etc. 

Maybe people can be asked to pay in Bitcoin, or Monopoly money.

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