Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time To Order Joel Austin's Book "Discovering The Penokees"

I cannot strongly enough recommend Joel Austin's 160-page book about the Penokee Hills in Northwest Wisconsin in the Bad River watershed near Lake Michigan threatened with obliteration for the largest open-pit iron mine in North America. The book is full of breath-taking photographs plus additional documentation, essays, and scientific information. The publisher notes:
Profits from sale of the book will be used to work with others to fight this mine--to leave open other future possibilities for developing a sustainable economy, to preserve this landscape for future generations so they are able to stay, work and play here.

(Softcover, 160 pages, 126 color photos, map, guest essays, references)--$28.95

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Video featuring Jenny Mahan's song, “Where Will You Stand?”
and Joel Austin's photographs
and Joel Austin's photographs


Betsey said...

Do this NOW! They are already sold out of the 2014 Penokees calendar, also featuring Joel Austin's photos. Dang it! Not even the first of the new year yet and my resolution to not procrastinate already blown!

James Rowen said...

Good news about the strong ordering. Thanks for the update.