Friday, January 4, 2013

Writer Says Wisconsin Is At Center Of Great Lakes Water Issues

Good summary by Gary Wilson at Great Lakes Echo:

Could Wisconsin lead on Great Lakes issues?
The old Wisconsin could – the Wisconsin of Aldo Leopold and Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson. But those days are in Wisconsin’s rear-view mirror.  Gov. Scott Walker has a primarily economic agenda and he has been described by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters as “arguably the most anti-conservation governor in Wisconsin history.”
A similarly minded state legislature is no help.
Where does that leave Wisconsin and its relationship to the Great Lakes in 2013?
The state has an opportunity to lead by example but it will require a willingness to think critically and for the long term, not until the next election.

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Anonymous said...

Where does that leave Wisconsin?

The great lakes are nothing more than the world's largest toilet bowl to Walker and GOP. They aloow a major contributor to dump tons of coal ashes into the lake each trip their Manitowoc car fairy makes.

They want to divert water to Walkersha so that they can continue destroying Milwaukee to reward the strategic key that makes their gerrymandering word.

To Walker and GOP, everything is just one massive pay-to-play.