Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trust Walker And GOP Leaders On Mining Bill Environmental Protections?

When they have failed on their big jobs' promises after two years in office, lost track of millions in loans 'managed' by a new state business agency Walker created and chairs, and continue to disregard the Ojibwe in mine and bill planning though it directly effects their treaty-protected water and land?

Fool us once...


Anonymous said...

The walker fiscal mess and crappy economy is by design -- this is what empowers them to continue their economic and now environmental terrorism.

The bigger problem isn't the folks that create dysfunctional policies to promote their radical extremist agenda -- its the media that props it up and even falsely proclaim we are seeing a "Wisconsin Miracle".

Just wait until the media tells us we have no choice to but eliminate collective bargaining and implement extremist voter suppression laws because, THE ECONOMY MADE US DO IT!

Max B said...

Most of us were not "fooled once". This blatant mining company giveaway was known as such from the beginning.

Max B said...

Instead, track Walker and Repubs on jobs promises r/t mining: recent JS article cited 700 jobs. Walker on feel-good mining tour cites "thousands of mining jobs" and "thousands more construction [of mine] jobs."
Hmmmm . . . who should we believe?