Friday, January 4, 2013

Obama Nominates Frequent GOP Donor Bill Mielke To Seaway Board

I missed this - - so, yes, no one's perfect - - but did The White House check out Waukesha business and SEWRPC consultant Bill Mielke's campaign donation record before they put him on the Seaway panel?

Nearly $2,000 to Walker since 2009, and dozens of checks throughout legislative and other races:

C'mon on.


Say What? said...

August? Better late than never.

Betsey said...

I never would have picked it up either, not being in the habit of reading RoJo press releases.

OMG--what was President O thinking? And who would have dared to nominate him, bring his name to the attention of the White House?

Anonymous said...

no one's perfect?? some aren't even in the ball park.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired to hear folks feign surprise when they continue seeing clear evidence that Obama is just another corporatist.

Perhaps when he sells-out Social Security and Medicare later this year people will get it.

The question is not if or when.

And the salient question should be, "Why did it take people so long to see this?"

Sue said...

Of course Obama wouldn't have known about the Mielke/Walker connection. He was notably silent and out of the picture during the recall.
Very happy to see Obama reelected and happy to see him figuring a few things out, but I have learned to view him with caution.

Betsey said...

@ Anonymous January 5, 2013 7:59 AM:

". . . no one's perfect?? some aren't even in the ball park. . . . "

Contrary to your infantile belief that someone should do all the work and then spoon-feed life to you, it's not James' job to peruse every newspaper, blog, and press release factory to review, evaluate and re-package the news of the day for you.

When he chooses to do it, I'm very appreciative, esp when he listens to Chuckie Sykes, Judge Jeffy or the latest Mark Belling Nasty-Fest because my delicate sensibility can't handle unfiltered sewage. I feel a mild obligation to remain informed of all sides of the issues, without a similar obligation to raise my blood pressure or bring on an A-fib event. So thank you, James, from my cardiologist, my internist and me. Ignore the ingrates.

To continue the baseball analogy, Anonymous 7:59 am should buy his own ticket, sit in the stands and watch the game himself--if he wants to know what happened.