Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bill Passes: Ryan, Yes, Boehner, Yes - - Cantor, No

Looks like Cantor wants to unseat Boehner, so the games continue for some, but not for a majority of the House.

In the end, compromise, bipartisanship and a win overall for Obama and the voters who put him back into office.


nonquixote said...

Permanently underfunding the Federal government with tax cuts extended for the wealthy, makes the Bush-Cheney tax cuts officially the Obama-Biden permanent give-away to the upper crust. I'll disagree that Obama and those of you who voted for him won anything. Obama gave away a one time bargaining chip that could have been used to much better advantage. The safety net will continue to be attacked and Obama will continue to to follow what he has wanted to happen all along, i.e., cut the safety net (for starters).

I guess saying Obama WON is technically correct, though. Austerity for us is his actual goal. A corner office with Peter G Peterson is another goal.

Anonymous said...

Why do teabaggin' teabaggers hate America? Why are they against gay marriage?

Anonymous said...

Sensenbrenner NO.