Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Help save WI nature preserve, dunes, wetlands along Lake Michigan

Here's fresh information about the June 4-8 hearing won by grassroots activists in Sheboygan who are working hard for you, me and Lake Michigan.

Friends of the Black River Forest will contest the finding in a DNR environmental impact statement which led to the approval of a wetland filling permit for the proposed Kohler golf course in a large, soon-to-be-stripped, flattened and bulldozed wetland-and-forest-and rare dune nature preserve.

And also to contest the outrageous award of public land inside Kohler Andrae State Park by the DNR's oversight board for project access, roads, parking, vehicle storage and maintenance shop operations.

I've long argued that this project should a top priority for conservationists statewide, as it encapsulates so much of what's wrong in Wisconsin these days - - Gov. Walker and the GOP's contempt for the environment, his recasting of the DNR into a defacto Department of Commerce, the reward of partisan, insider-donor-privilege, his diminution of science, wetlands, dismissal of wildlife habitat and disregard for water quality - - and the need in response for citizens to fight for their rights with their own funds against powerful and wealthy special interests and the state and local agencies to which taxpayers have already financed.

Breaking News
FBRF hearing challenges scheduled!

The hearing on FBRF's legal challenges to the DNR's approval of the Kohler Wetland Fill Permit and the Final DNR Environmental Impact Statement will take place the week of June 4-8, Mead Public Library, Sheboygan.
The hearing will last from Monday through Friday. Times are not established but we can expect to begin at 9:00 and go to 4.p.m or longer.

Friday morning, June 8th, the public will have an opportunity to speak to the issues in our challenges.

Having lots of people attend throughout the week sends a message as to how seriously the residents take the issues of the planned environmental degradation of a rare Lake Michigan coastal ecosystem. Our rights to information, healthy land, air and water have been circumvented and ignored.

FBRF is being charged $2000 to pay for a recorded transcript of the proceedings. We will be paying for expert witnesses and our attorneys. This is why we have gone all out on our You Caring campaign.
Please continue to share our story.
FBRF has filed three legal challenges against the DNR for the agency's
1.Illegal land swap of prime KASP land for insignificant Kohler land 
2. Illegal wetland fill permit approved by the DNR for Kohler
3. Incomplete Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Kohler project.
We have been granted a stay on any action on the golf course project.

Be a supporter of the land, air, and water we all need to live.
We are applying for grants to help with this fight. We need $200,000 to see this through to a victory. Your $10 donation will help us achieve our goals in court.
Please give what you can. All amounts help in this legal fight against the "Giant"


All donations are tax deductible. FBRF is a 501 (c) (3) incorporated as a non-profit conservation group. 

View our fundraising campaign at YouCaring. 
Our goal is $200,000 
We need YOU! 
Every dollar makes a difference!

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