Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Walker's post-election whine sets new hypocrisy standard

Wisconsin Governor and special interest money king Scott Walker's tweet-whining about outside special interest influence having snatched a State Supreme Court seat from the inexperienced GOP cookie-cutter issued candidate whom Walker had groomed for the race since 2015 would be like loathsome Laura Ingraham griping that someone was rude to her, or Donald Trump complaining that his feelings were hurt because somebody gave him a mean nickname.

Records and reporting show that Walker directed the collection of major 2012 recall campaign donations from outside groups, and that most of his recall election war chest along with his recent contribution haul have come from out-of-state donors, according to Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Along with homeowner's rights, park land oversight and vital wetlandsclean air, fresh water and open government in Wisconsin, Walker is even devaluing routine political hypocrisy.


Man MKE said...

This particular episode in Walker's political career is the foremost example his projectionism. He does it, then (like his role model Trump) blames his political opponents for doing it. Apparently, he's only comfy complaining about a political vice if he's tried it himself and knows how it works.

Anonymous said...

He called the waaaaaahmbulance but it hit a pothole and blew a tire.

He was reduced to this!

Unknown said...

Next, Walker will complain that he's not getting a fair shake from talk radio, and his old colleague Charlie Sykes. What goes around, comes around.

Susan said...

There are two kinds of out-of-state donors: those who want your state to be their piggy bank, and those who are sending disaster aid.