Thursday, April 26, 2018

Detroit Public TV raises awareness about at-risk Great Lakes pipeline

Detroit Public TV's documentary on Enbridge's aging Pipeline 5 beneath rough waters near the Mackinac Bridge is definitely worth watching.
In this new half-hour documentary, Detroit Public TV’s Great Lakes Bureau examines the controversy surrounding the Line 5 pipeline built by Enbridge Inc., a pipeline that was constructed and placed on the lakebed between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsula more than a half century ago. 
It operates under the water near the Mackinac Bridge in a spot that’s considered one of the most scenic areas of the Great Lakes and is known for its strong currents between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. 
Mackinac Bridge from the air4.jpg 
Regrettably, Enbridge, its spills and tar sand pipeline expansions are known across the Great Lakes and in Wisconsin:
And as the Mackinac Straits pipeline issue broke into the news, Walker's office had no comment, a TV news outlet reported.
Little wonder. Walker has used Enbridge as campaign photo op material, despite its horrible spill and pollution record nationally and in Wisconsin.
Walker and Schimel, with backing from the GOP-run Legislature, have separately or together worked to: evade the intent of the state's constitutional mandate that the waters of the state belong to everyone; privatize the state's groundwater; speed the expansion of a north-south oil pipeline by minimizing the project's environmental reviews; bulldoze wetlands to create sand mines, pull back prevention of phosphorous dumping into rivers, and on pollution enforcement generally, and cooperate with Trump initiatives to remove federal protections for wetlands and other surface waters.

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