Monday, April 2, 2018

WI fiscal 'expert' just cost the people $30,000

Did you know that those Wisconsin legislators who might lack a certain kind of skill with numbers can rely on a "CPA Caucus" which helps them account for the money in our accounts?
Number cruncher Dale Kooyenga emerges as conservative star
He...was part of the “CPA Caucus” that unearthed the University of Wisconsin System’s $650 million surplus, resulting in a two-year tuition tax freeze.
“He is a prime example of where the Legislature is lucky to have people who have a combination of smarts, savvy and tenacity,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Dale has a bright future.” 
That is, until Kooyenga 
Image of Dale Kooyenga

grabbed a protester's sign, got himself sued, and settled his official transgression for $30,000 of our money.
Lester Pines, the attorney who brought the lawsuit on behalf of the man whose sign was taken, said he welcomed how the lawsuit was resolved. 
"We are pleased with the settlement because it is an acknowledgement by Rep. Kooyenga that he violated the Eighth Commandment — thou shalt not steal," Pines said.
Maybe it's time for the accountants' caucus to remind Kooyenga that "accountant" and "accountability" share the same root word, "account."

As in, 'sorry I didn't account for your funds.' 

Or, 'I didn't take your interests into account.'

And, 'there's no accounting for irony.'


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why taxpayers would be held accountable for a fine based on this man's unlawful personal behavior. (?)

Anonymous said...

CPA- crooked placard appropriator.