Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking forward to getting that Facebook privacy penalty check

Facebook already has my address - - and, apparently, so do a lot of other people without my consent- - so it should be easy for Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg
to cut me the check the FTC could order up.
Former Federal Trade Commission officials say that Facebook Inc. appears to have breached a 2011 consent agreement to safeguard users’ personal information and may be facing hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.
The agency could fine Facebook up to $40,000 per violation per day — which could add up quickly with millions of users involved — if it finds the social media giant broke its earlier promises to protect user data, they say.
I'd like a separate class action lawsuit to force the Bannon-and-Mercer-founded Cambridge Analytica to also send me a another check to help me back-fill my IRA losses their boy Trump has inflicted.

Seems more than fair. #MAGA

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