Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Activist water attorney Scanlan takes on Facebook, Congress

Readers of this blog had seen what Midwest Environmental Advocates founder, attorney and activist Melissa Scanlan said about clean water.

And on keeping contaminating phosphorous out of Wisconsin waters.

And on racial issues.

While Scanlan now teaches law in Vermont - - 
Melissa Scanlan, Vermont Law School
- - she's staying connected to local issues, such as the relevance of the Public Trust Doctrine to the proposed diversion of Lake Michigan water for Foxconn.

And now she's published an essay in The Guardian about Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Congress and the law which transcends mere state and watershed boundaries:
Facebook and the other tech monopolies dwarf the power of the state, transcend national boundaries, and require new thinking and structures to thwart their tyrannical impact on people’s lives. 
Why did senators ask Zuckerberg if he was open to regulation? Why did they structure hearings that prevented critical interrogations? 
When Congress is in a “Mother may I?” mode with a monopoly that has enabled foreign propaganda to influence the US presidential election and exposed the data of at least 87 million Facebook users, something is seriously wrong. 
Happy to keep promoting what Melissa Scanlan has to say. 

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