Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ryan's soul search is over. Things we also found.

In a prescient piece, CNN noted in mid-December that Paul Ryan was engaged in "soul searching" about whether to run for re-election.

The search is over, with four months being the operative time frame to make such an effort in GOP-controlled DC:
Ryan gives up without a fight
But before the mythologizing machine makes Ryan into the latest Hope Hicks -style innocent whom big bad Trump went and ruined, let's file away a few of his career highlights:

* Like that time Ryan said there were too many lazy men in inner cities, then engaged in some dizzying spin and back-walking by explaining he'd been "inarticulate."

Seriously. Your job is "Speaker," and that's your claim? Stop.

*  Then there were those mountains he didn't really climb and a marathon he didn't run like Superman. Dang inarticulation!

*  But if it's records Ryan wants, consider that if he holds to form - - as he just did when he refused to hold or attend a town hall meeting in his district on guns safety when similar town halls were held nationwide - - Ryan could go 1,000 days without one when he leaves office in January, 2019. 

The count was already at day 650 in July, 2017. For politicians, that's Cal Ripkinesque.

* There's the cringe-worthy sucking-up cover he gave to the Trump when he fired then-FBI Director James Comey.

Not much soul-searching in evidence (pun intended) as Ryan explained that Trump was 'new at this' pesky law-and-sworn-oath following.

* And speaking of having any Republican's back, Ryan has reliably defended, protected, enabled and otherwise encouraged the deceitful, ultra-partisan and non-recused 'recused' House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes whom Ryan has failed to rein in. Noted, here.

* And Ryan is quitting Congress with a burst of condescension, likening his surroundings to "a daycare center" - - which, if you think about it is willfully negligent, since what daycare manager quits, walks out and leaves the door open?

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