Wednesday, March 7, 2018

WI GOP legislator touts massive wetland destruction 'reform'

When it comes to ending protection for some Wisconsin wetlands, GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany is persistent.

And a reformer, to boot! Who knew, though we should have known, given all the other wetland reforms underway for Foxconn, and a major sand mining company set to win some very rare, State Assembly-assisted reforming, too.

In fact, the Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Wisconsin DNR and its oversight body have collaborated on a triple reform - - issuing a crucial annexation approval, granting a wetland filling permit for upscale golf course construction in a nature preserve along Lake Michigan in a newly-mapped City of Sheboygan and handing over rights to the developer to build a maintenance building, parking lot and roads on acreage in an adjoining state park.

Tiffany's earlier wetland reform work with Walker having failed to allow a Florida-based open-pit-iron-mining firm to reform bulldoze the Penokee Hills because there were too many pesky wetlands there - - Tiffany is now saying that Wisconsin can do without another 100,000 wetland acres or so statewide which he just legislatively help reform.

It's matter of balance, he says, provided by a "wetlands reform bill."

Speaking of balance - - make sure you've got your big boy boots so you keep your balance when Wisconsin's increasingly-heavy spring/summer/fall/winter rains show up and there's 100,000 fewer reformed wetland acres - - literally - -  to soak up what's gonna rush downstream.

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