Friday, April 13, 2018

On voter ID as GOP tool, Schimel channels Grothman, Walker

Remember when Congressman Glenn Grothman said voter ID served partisan GOP interests?  
"I think Hillary Clinton is the weakest candidate Democrats have ever put up and now we have photo ID. I think photo ID is going to make a little bit of difference as well."
Glenn Grothman official congressional photo.jpg
Now add Brad Schimel, GOP AG and long-time voter ID admirer, to the GOP's truth-telling about-voter-suppression caucus. 
Attorney General Brad Schimel this week suggested Donald Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 because the state had its voter ID law in place.
Because as Wisconsin voter-suppressionist-in-Chief Scott Walker said after  being fine with voter ID outlets at DMV centers keeping short hours, erecting barriers to student voting and trimming polling hours, voter id "works just fine."

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Anonymous said...

He also suggested that Johnson wouldn't have won either. That is a striking comment and I don't doubt that it is true. Who are these monsters who feel that cheating is winning?