Friday, April 13, 2018

Legacy-making moral choice could be coming Paul Ryan's way

Donald Trump is said to be plotting the removal of special counsel Robert Mueller, or his boss, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, to derail their investigations of Trump, his campaign, his businesses, connections among them and any collusion with Russians doing Putin's bidding.

Paul Ryan, as House Speaker, could cooperate with a big-partisan move in the Senate to craft legislation to protect the investigations Trump is weakening and may try to destroy.
Paul Ryan's official Speaker photo. In the background is the American Flag.
Ryan, having removed himself as a 2018 re-election candidate, is now a free agent with the power to strengthen the Republic by helping to preserve the credibility of the Presidency, the reputation of the House of Representatives - - and the integrity of the both the Department of Justice and lawful investigations it was charged to conduct, and the rule of law applied to everyone in America, Billionaire President or pauper.

Does Ryan have it in him? A career-defining, legacy-ensuring and indisputably historic profile in action is available, but only for one courageous enough to grasp it.


Anonymous said...

I initially thought his quitting was mainly about the very real chance he was going to lose. Further thinking about it has made me wonder if he knew about the questionable RNC money moves and is trying to get out before the cat gets too far out of the bag. It bears examination also give who was RNC chairman. It is laughable to think that Priebus didn't know about the shenanigans.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Ryan is definitely trying to distance himself from the money-laundering mess the GOP and Trump will find themselves messed up in.

He can get some wingnut welfare job, make millions, and may be by 2024 the wreckage will be cleared enough so he can,run for president.

But we won't forget.