Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ryan gives up without a fight

My first thought when hearing that House Speaker Paul Ryan would not run for re-election: he knew he'd lose because he'd have to defend the indefensible - -his signature, permanent tax cuts for the rich that are spiking the deficit and teeing up deeper cuts in programs and services his constituents need.
Paul Ryan's official Speaker photo. In the background is the American Flag.
He did what his major donors wanted, and is quitting before a blue wave could cast Republicans out of their offices and majorities.

My second thought was that he and McConnell and Trump could not repeal Obamacare as they had all promised, even with solid "R" majorities.

So a weak ending to a D- Speakership, foreshadowed by his continuing unwillingness to face his constituents at town hall meetings.

Only the wealthy will miss him - briefly - until they find his replacement.

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MAL said...

Lawrence O'Donnell gamed out Paul Ryan's scenarios in December 2017, and guessed a future presidential run is likely.
Sounds right. 2020-2024 is a coming disaster from which Paul Ryan will come in reluctantly to 'serve our country that we love;' aw shucks.