Thursday, April 5, 2018

WI State Rep. stirs up more coverage of his $30,000 sign-stealing settlement

We noted the other day that Brookfield GOP State Rep. Dale Kooyenga's theft of a protester's sign had cost taxpayers a $30,000 settlement.
Image of Dale Kooyenga

Now Kooyenga is keeping the story alive by claiming that his military training led him to remove the sign.

I'm not denigrating Kooyenga's military service, but his latest and lengthy discussion on a matter of his own creation is a classic case of a politician keeping a story alive against his own interest.

It was said that Kooyenga is one of the new stars in the Wisconsin GOP - - Assembly Speaker Vos said Kooyenga had the right mix of "smarts, savvy and tenacity" - -  but repetitive self-inflicted wounds say otherwise.

Politics 101 says legislators shall not steal a protester's sign. And you alert the Capitol police if you think the sign somehow created a security danger.

Finally, if you somehow manage to manufacture this mess of your own making into a taxpayer payout, just say, "I made a mistake. I'm sorry," which is how he initially handled the matter after saying he took the sign because he didn't like what it said - - though he fumbled that, too: 
When the matter became public in July, Kooyenga initially told The Associated Press the sign said "damn all Republicans" and called multiple Republicans gropers, but the sign did not say those things... 
Kooyenga, who is now running for the state Senate, said Friday he did not realize there was a permit taped to the sign when he took it. He said he returned it as soon as he found that out and later publicly apologized.


Anonymous said...

Why are the taxpayer paying for HIM BREAKING THE LAW....why is there ZERO accountability for these people?

MadCityVoter said...

Wasn't Rep. Kooyenga the one who claimed a few years ago that he was an expert on what poor people in Milwaukee needed because he drove through poor areas of Milwaukee on his way to and from his office downtown? I suppose he's going to try to blame that bit of idiocy on his military service as well? Reconnaissance training, perhaps?

I'm just glad that it's so clear that Rep. Kooyenga (R) is pulling these ridiculous excuses straight out of his butt because they don't really say anything good about about our military or the public-spirited, hard-working, observant, intelligent, non-robotic people who serve in it. Rep. Kooyenga should be ashamed of himself.