Thursday, April 26, 2018

Flaming Superior oil depot is key tar sands oil connection

The refinery in Superior on fire today
The Superior Fire Department says there are no fatalities in the explosion at the Husky oil refinery
is part of an oil shipping, refining and piping complex often in Wisconsin's news, and is where tar sands oil distribution expansion is centered.

Early reports said an asphalt tank had exploded, and that fire was out, but there are subsequent reports of an additional explosion, so it is not clear right now exactly what is burning or if there is toxic runoff into the surrounding land and waters.

I'd reported on this blog in 2007 that a planned expansion of the Superior refinery - - then with a different owner - - would require the precedent-setting filling of hundreds of acres of wetlands close to Lake Superior.

The group Madison350 has a lot of information about Wisconsin oil pipeline issues.

More later.

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