Thursday, April 5, 2018

Embattled EPA boss Pruitt has powerful allies in Wisconsin

US EPA Administrator, Big Polluter's best friend and most prominent DC swamp creature is Scott Pruitt.
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Not sure why this man is smiling
Let's not forget that there are several connections I'd reported earlier among Pruitt, Wisconsin GOP Attorney General Schimel and Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker to coordinate the destruction of clean air and water rules.
Pruitt wants to kill on behalf of Big Coal President Obama's clean power plan, and Schimel is among the Attorneys General in court carrying the ball: 
“I am incredibly proud of our top-tier team at the Wisconsin Department of Justice that is helping to lead this crucial challenge against the federal government,” said Attorney General Brad Schimel.
* And Schimel is the leading EPA ally in the courts against the federal clean water rule, as Gary Wilson, a contributor to Detroit Public TV's Great Lakes Bureau, noted recently:
A 25-state coalition led by Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel including Michigan, Indiana and Ohio has told EPA and the Army Corps that the rule allowed the agencies to “improperly expand their jurisdiction” over waterways and want the federal government to defer to the states.
And, of course, there's Walker's long-time 'chamber of commerce mentality' DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp who, after helping Walker debase the DNR, got herself promoted to the top job in the EPA's critical Great Lakes regional office.

Remember, also, that Walker wants the EPA to ease air pollution standards and monitoring so Foxconn can launch its enormous daily projected air pollution belch arcross SE Wisconsin.

Seems like the right time to remind everyone that Walker, Paul Ryan and the rest of Wisconsin's GOP's gerrymandered leadership said Trump was the best choice for the White House.

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