Tuesday, April 24, 2018

This just in from Walker's irony-free, taxpayer-paid, 3.7 acre mansion

It was just ten days ago that Walker was blasting people who lived in "bit mansions" and received public support. Now from what appears to be the irony-free grounds of his taxpayer-paid, 16,000 sq. ft. 34-room, 7-fireplace, 3.7 acre lakefront mansion, this:
  1. Love this duck on the lake at sunset.

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  2. High of 67 degrees and a beautiful view of the lake. Time to grab a cold beer.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

He almost did it. He almost made it through two “just relaxing” tweets without mentioning beer.

I have mixed feelings on the whole Governor’s Mansion issue. On the one hand, the residence was designed and maintained specifically for Wisconsin governors to live in, so what’s the crime in Walker actually living in it? Sure, he bashes welfare recipients, but that’s typical Republican shtick.

What makes Walker different is that, in 2014 he told voters he had no plans to run for President. Then, two minutes after being re-elected, he spent several months and most of his time running for President.

He flamed out and ended up with so much campaign debt that he had to sell his house in Wauwatosa. So he truly is living totally on the public dime in a “big mansion.”

James Rowen said...

To be clear, I'm not against WI Governors living in the mansion. I was addressing Walker's lack of gratitude. And, for the record, the structure was not designed and built to house Governors or serve a public purpose. It was sold to the state by its second private owner nearly 30 years after its construction for an industrialist. See - - https://wisconsinexecutiveresidence.com/wisconsin-history/