Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wash Post rediscovers Walker, phony 'Midwestern nice' pol

We in Wisconsin know all about Walker and the undeserved 'Midwestern Nice' moniker he grabbed during his 90-second run for President in 2015.

So of course he's back kicking the poor as I noted recently now that he's running for another term as Governor. And is in such a campaigning froth to dog whistle and snatch away food from the poor

at the same time that he was unaware or unconcerned about the self-parody about entitlements he'd put up on Twitter.
Oblivious to his 26 unbroken years on public payrolls, the state-paid mansion he lives in and state-paid car and airplane fleet he can access 24/7, Walker does everything except conjure 'welfare queens.' 
 Apr 10
Our welfare reforms also set common sense asset limits on public assistance so people with big mansions and fancy cars don’t get welfare checks while hard-working taxpayers have to pay the bills.
So congratulations to the The Washington Post for rediscovering the insidious effect Walker has on equally craven, self-serving careerist politicians and, regrettably, on the less fortunate who Walker enjoys using as talking points and pawns:
Wisconsin is the GOP model for ‘welfare reform.’ But as work requirements grow, so does one family’s desperation.
Yes, read all about it. Restrictions, evictions, struggle, anxiety, and fear, as the Post notes:
Since Walker put work requirements into place, the Health Services Department said it has cut spending on food stamps by 28 percent, from $1.2 billion in 2013 to around $867 million in 2017. Officials said 25,000 food stamp recipients — out of a statewide total of 700,000 — have found work.  
State officials also said that more than 86,000 people have lost their ability to get food stamps and did not report getting new jobs.
There’s been no government study examining what happened to them.

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