Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ron Johnson, R-Ignorance, blames, punishes those w/ pre-existing conditions

Wisconsin Tea Party/GOP Senator Ron Johnson 
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
himself has a serious pre-existing condition:

Knowledge deficits.

So deep and wide that he'd be disqualified from working as a back-up town government lawn mowing summer part-time intern, as he thinks people with pre-existing medical conditions should pay more money for their health insurance because drivers with poor records pay more for their auto insurance.
Ron Johnson: People with preexisting condition don’t deserve insurance like ‘somebody who crashes their car’
Someone needs to take Johnson aside and explain to him that many pre-existing health conditions arise involuntarily at birth or arrive through no-fault spread of disease, or have unknown origins.

Seriously, what is wrong with this man?

Kids at Children's Hospital with spina bifida or seniors in nursing homes with little money and Alzheimer's disease, or babies born with the Zika virus are comparable to habitual speeders or drunk drivers?

Who would suggest pricing sick people - - at the risk of their lives or financial survival or their families' well-being - - out of the health insurance market.

Are there no limits to Johnson's ignorance, lack of heart and infinite capacity to embarrass the State of Wisconsin and people with a normal amount of commonsense and, dare I say what Johnson and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan lack - - compassion?

In the last few days, Johnson has also failed to grasp that the upper-income tax-cut bill secretly-crafted by his party and disguised as a health-care measure wipes out federal funding to cities and states to infections prevent diseases and bioterrorism and also said cuts to Medicaid coverages for sick children, nursing-home bound seniors and many disabled Americans were not cuts at all.

Then again, what would you expect of a man who neither encouraged a young GOP staffer to report a sexual assault by a state legislator or supported a state bill to make it easier for child sexual assault victims to sue their molesters' place of employment?

Or who says that climate change is due to sunspots and scientists who point to human activity as the cause are "crazy.
  "I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change," Johnson said. "It's not proven by any stretch of the imagination."
Johnson, in a [2010 interview], described believers in manmade causes of climate change as "crazy" and the theory as "lunacy."
"It's far more likely that it's just sunspot activity or just something in the geologic eons of time," he said.

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