Monday, June 26, 2017

House bill win - beats by 2 mil 'wimpy' Senate's 22 mil Medicaid dismissals

GOP/Tea Party WI US Senator Ron Johnson and compassion-fighter is right.
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
And so is Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway who reminds us that people who want health-care better than the Medicaid they're on the cusp of losing are always free to get a job.

The millionaire Johnson/ex-Oshkosh plastics manufacturer-turned-medical expert correctly labeled as "wimpythe Senate's version of the tax-cut-for-the-rich bill disguised as health-care reform [sic]. 

And we know Johnson's telling the truth because the more muscular House version jammed through by millionaire and millionaire-obeisant Speaker Paul Ryan targeted 24 million low-income Americans for Medicaid terminations while the Senate version caves and settles on a mere 22 million disabled, wheel-chair or nursing home-bound and birth-defect saddled young freeloaders rightfully thrown off Medicaid.

Johnson's focused on ending coverage for pre-existing conditions, so suck it up, Zika babies, spina bifida children, infants borne with incurable Type I diabetes or the next few hundred or tens or thousands of Americans who contract bird flu, for example.

The Senate wimp-out nailed by Johnson translates to roughly 40,000 Wisconsinites who would be free to keep their unconscioable theft of prescription drugs, nursing home meals, breathing tubes, wheelchair parts and transfusion equipment - -  and hope - - which the House version says more clearly they have no right to access.

No wonder he wants deeper cuts to Obamacare:

In recent days, he has defended the bill’s Medicaid rollbacks against criticism from Democrats but has complained the bill doesn’t go far enough in a conservative direction in dismantling Obamacare rules and mandates. He told [right-wing radio host Hugh] Hewitt Monday it was “wimpy reform.”

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