Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hardly anyone wants job with Trump - except Sheriff David Clarke

The often absent and Fox News darling Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
David Clarke by Gage Skidmore.jpg 
is among the very few reportedly swimming towards the contemporary Pequod and the 21st century's version of a crazed Captain Ahab.

Herman Melville's unstable leader was chasing a white whale, while the current version is wreaking havoc in the White House. It all fits.

But back to Clarke, who needs to find any port in the storm (sorry) to escape jail management scandals of his own, like the death of a mentally-ill inmate who died after his cell's water was shut off for seven days, or the apparently routine treatment of another inmate who arrived while pregnant and was forced to give birth in the jail while shackled - - and after having been raped by a guard there, published reports and court records show.

In a separate case, an inmate's baby died after being born in the jail.

So I know what you're saying: I get why Clarke wants to get a ticket out of town, just don't give him something where security is in the job description.


Clarke is saying he's been offered an assistant secretaryship post in Trump's Department of Homeland Security - - though Trump's people have yet to confirm Clarke's unverified announcement.

Meanwhile, Clarke is facing a lawsuit filed by a Milwaukee man who said Clarke had him detained and harassed by deputies at the Milwaukee airport for having given Clarke a head shake and asked a question the Sheriff didn't like while both men were on the same inbound flight earlier this year.

Can someone so insecure help run the Homeland Security Department?

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Anonymous said...

Or, you could say he's swimming toward the U.S.S. Caine, hoping to get Captain Queeg's strawberries.