Thursday, June 15, 2017

Foxconn wants ginormous 1,000-acre site, a la Tesla's gigafactory

The Taiwanese firm Foxconn, best known as an iPhone and television parts manufacturer and assembler, is said to be searching Wisconsin and Michigan for a 1,000 site - - of which none are said to be available in Wisconsin, experts say - - perhaps to make TV screen panels.

By comparison, the high-tech auto and battery producer Tesla acquired a 1,000 acre site in rural Nevada for its so-called gigafactory, then added another1,800 additional acres.

Not sure why Foxconn is chasing such big parcels in Wisconsin, unless the deal would include a record-setting timber cut and wetlands fill.

Just kidding.

Not completely.


Katrina said...

There are several state parks that are at least that big.

Anonymous said...