Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Walker anchoring '18 re-election on bashing the poor

Despite court challenges and its costly failure elsewhere, WI GOP Gov. and fake-friend-to-the-poor Scott Walker is pressing the equally-heartless and intimidating Trump administration for permission to force citizens without any evidence of their drug use to be drug-tested before receiving public assistance.

Walker's effort has nothing to do helping people to withdraw from drug use and find work.

It has everything with dog-whistling too a resentful base he manipulates as he did during his 2014 campaign that there are people getting something undeserved for nothing and he will make them pay a humiliating price for being under his and his party's suspicion.

It fits with his strategy to drive poor people from the state by enforcing a $7.25 per hour minimum wage, weakening transit links to suburban and exurban jobs, capping the receipt of food stamps and in previous budgets cutting assistance payments and reducing the value of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit for some working poor families.

And it reinforces the belief that poor people have themselves to blame for joblessness and poverty, when it is Walker who has so poorly coordinated the state's economy despite controlling the Legislature and budget and tax-writing that our stagnant state may be lapsing into recession. 

While his administration passes out millions in corporate welfare to businesses and campaign donor-run companies without even keeping track of the money, the number of jobs created and reimbursement records?

Drug test those aid recipients?

Perish the thought.

Walker makes living in Wisconsin an embarrassment, and now for some less- fortunate, less well-positioned and less-privileged Wisconsinites, a full-blown financial and emotion ordeal.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard more about his spontaneous trip to Japan last weekend? WEDC went to for a direct investment opportunity and the governor went too. Have seen no tweets or posts so what gives? And who paid for the junket?