Thursday, June 29, 2017

GOP bill would cut Medicaid by 35%, but...

Braggart accountant and WI US Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Stupidville), calculates his party's Medicaid bill cuts this way: "I don't think anybody is proposing any cuts.
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
You can read the latest Congressional Budget Office analysis that points to Medicaid spending cuts escalating from 26% to an eventual 35% in this Washington Post story.


Anonymous said...

I would trust the math skill of a second grader before I would trust RoJo. And the chance are the second grader wouldn't start with a lie and then fudge the math.

Anonymous said...

The person we need to blame for having Dumb Ron Johnson is HILLARY CLINTON, who never came to Wisconsin and left Russ Feingold in the lurch. Of course, the republican "win" last November" reasonably appears to have been because the fix was in anyhow, but that is another story.

Russ was crushing fake businessness man Dumb Ron Johnson for months and months. Clinton/Feingold rallies could have protected this and both could have (and should have) carried The Badger State.

But people also need to remember that it is not possible to hijack elections without painting a plausible narrative of improbable or impossible results -- that is the roll of Marquette Law Poll, so anything released by them should be suspect.

Does anyone believe that Scott Walker actually saw a big uptick in his approval ratings? Yes, within the margin of error, but still improbable.

Note to Non Statistician Types: There are 2 types of errors in a poll, random and systematic:

Random errors means that the sample may have, by chance, not represented everybody (the population). The reported margin of errors are mathematical calculations of potential random errors and ONLY random errors.

Systematic errors mean that the sample used is biased, improperly constructed, and does not represent the population. This type of error is not part of the "margin of error".

It reasonably appears that there are systematic errors in the Marquette Law Poll and that they are used to justify improbably-to-impossible outcomes. Scott Walker can be demonstrated to have not "won" the recall and the polling indicates that it stinks.

Likewise, in 2014, the media had to gin up a fake "plagerism" controversy -- absolute BS. By definition, the consultant in question did not plagiarize his previous writing and the lying liars in the media/publishing sectors that catapulted this propaganda know the definition of plagerism and that this was not the casethis!

But back to my main point -- a lot was on the line in 2016 and Hillary Clinton was not the most qualified candidate to ever run for President. The historical record will show she was one of the most incompetent to ever represent one of America's main political parties.

And thanks to Clinton's arrogance and incompetence, we have Dumb Ron Johnson.