Tuesday, June 13, 2017

FitzWalkerStan becomes FitzFantasyLand

Wisconsin GOP State Senate Majority Leader and Senior FantasyLand elf Scott Fitzgerald said on Mike Gousha's Sunday morning newsmaker show that he's hoping that the Legislature wraps up work on the state budget by July 1.

June's one of them 30 day months, so Big Fitz has two-and-a-weeks left, and tomorrow is shot because Trump's coming to town.

Not to mention that neither Legislative body has approved a two-year multi, multi-billion taxing-and-spending plan since they threw out Walker's budget as submitted, began re-writing it and then began  fighting publicly about it as the Senate and especially GOP Assembly Speaker and road-builders' best new friend Robin Vos have gone their separate ways.

Fitzgerald then said he still had a lot of tooth fairy money deliveries to make over the weekend and was seen flying off to an undisclosed location on his unicorn.

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