Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cruel WI bear hunt costs many dogs, big dollars

This blog has long followed the only-in-Wisconsin cruelty enabling program which pays bear hunters $2,500 for any hound killed by wolves - - even if the bear hunters were running their hounds
during 'training' through known wolf activity areas, or in bear-baiting sites which would also attract wolves, and even if the dead hounds' owners had a history of losing dogs to wolves or had accumulated hunting violations.

And now we have up-to-date figures showing that bear hunters literally threw a record number of hounds into fatal confrontations with wolves last year and collected nearly $100,000 in public dollar reimbursements.

Note also the cruelty allowed during hound training extends to the use of bears and other animals in cages

On, Wisconsin.


Unknown said...

Can anyone explain why Wisconsin reimbuses hunters when they literally and foolishly throw their hounds to the wolves?Does this rule apply to any other hunting related dog deaths?

James Rowen said...

Herein the answer.