Friday, June 9, 2017

Which GOP pols embrace Trump during 6/13 visit?

Toxic Trump:

His polling has hit a new low, his embrace helped sink the demagogic Marine Le Pen in France and now May in England, his spokeswoman pulled out vintage Dick Nixon praise for her boss boss with "the President is not a liar" and "silly" was the kindest thing said about Paul Ryan's embarrassingly soft defense of Trump's interference in the FBI's probe into liar and fired National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

So you wonder which of the GOP geniuses who repeatedly told Wisconsin voters that Trump was the best person to lead the Free World - - including Paul Ryan Walker, Ron Johnson, Jim Sensenbrenner, Glenn Grothman, Sean Duffy, Cathy Stepp and the desperate job seeker David Clarke - - will fight to the front of the stage when Trump brings his unpresidential road show here June 13?

I'm sure Walker will there because he won't miss yet another chance to pitch his national ban on public employee collective bargaining.

Walker has a lot in common with Trump beyond falling short of the incumbent's desired, make-or-break polling threshold of 50% plus-one vote.

Tjrough either proposed cuts to Medicaid or mandated drug-tests for recipients, both would make the lives of the less-fortunate even more difficult.

No wonder Walker said "absolutely" to the Trump endorsement he delivered for Trump at last summer's GOP Dark Night nominating convention.

So it's nor surprising that neither of these defective GOP leaders can get a budget through legislative branches despite their solid Republican control as they project to voters and allies alike a relevancy crisis, leadership weakness and moral authority deficit.

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