Wednesday, June 14, 2017

GOP-led WI aims to trigger disastrous Constitutional Convention

[Update - - Speaker Robin Vos led the Assembly's approval Wednesday, but he lost seven Republicans, so pressure on GOP Senators where the measure now moves might block approval.]
Wisconsin's right-wing GOP-led Legislature is closing in on a vote to endorse the scheduling of a national convention to re-write the US Constitution.

The Wisconsin endorsement, part of a national push bankrolled by the powerful Koch brothers political empire, would help proponents close in on the total needed. 

Call it the ultimate consequence of so many strategic GOP wins in state legislative elections, made more menacing by gerrymandering.

Unless you want to see Koch-brothers inspired/one-party/states rightist Walkerite extremism on a 50-state scale replace constitutional and civil rights as you now known them - - 

- - let your state representatives know you don't want to see this dangerous move take another step forward.

Details, here.

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