Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WI GOP lawmakers in budget stall, agree on a woodchuck hunt

The Wisconsin budget is stalled, as is job growth and business start-ups, but the ruling party has found a priority it can get behind.

That's why two GOP-dominated legislative committees on a party-line vote Wednesday approved killing woodchucks year-round. No bag limit.

Also - - they did this without bringing forward wildlife science to support and justify hunting these animals

Reminiscent of how the Wisconsin wolf hunt - - now suspended by a federal court - - was hurriedly established at the behest of the same Assemblyman - - Joel Kleefisch, (R-Waukesha County), who was instrumental in pushing the woodchuck hunt legislation.

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Raven said...

It would be much better for the environment and the economy of Wisconsin, if instead of woodchucks the legislature targeted GOPhers...