Monday, June 12, 2017

Walker's college degree deficiency ironically fits Trump's 6/13 message

You knew that Team Trump would cobble together something with a veneer of legitimacy Tuesday in deeply-red Waukesha County to divert the boss from his Twitter, addiction, troubled Attorney General's Jeff Session's testimony about the Putin Probe and the real reason for the trip - - a Scott Walker '18 campaign fundraiser.

And so they've thrown together a pitch for apprenticeships (yes, cue "The Apprentice" jokes) and job training training at Waukesha County Technical College of instead programs of at one of those public liberal arts Wisconsin universities whose budgets Walker has been slashing.

The group pretending to be focused on what's going in at WCTI when the real Wisconsin agenda Tuesday is raising money for the perpetually campaigning Walker will include Trump and a White House nepotism beneficiary - - fashion designer and First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

And, of course Walker, whose punting from Marquette while still several credits short of junior year standing is well known and who just might be the event's authentic poster boy, as Ivanka Trump noted:
A four-year college degree “is not the right path for everyone,” said Ivanka Trump...

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Of course, those skilled students probably won't work in Wisconsin, since we pay the lowest wages in the Midwest and lost 3,800 manufacturing jobs last year.

Wonder if some media people,might ask Trump about that. I also wonder if Trump thinks Walker's Wisconsin is still the "disaster" he said it was in 2015...especially the roads.